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equipe1The Jean Guillou: Présence(s) project is the result of my encounter with Jean-Claude Bénézech, Jean Guillou’s regular sound engineer. Jean-Claude was looking for someone to join him in the realisation of a DVD presenting this composer. After gaining some knowledge of the artist, I was greatly taken with the idea. This was the origin of our tandem.
We first met Jean Guillou over a drink in the Saint-Eustache quarter in Paris in February 2004, and he soon agreed to our accompanying him in his various artistic undertakings. 
We combined our professional expertise - Jean-Claude’s in the recording and editing of classical CDs, mine of the visual world and audiovisual production. This enabled us to independently record numerous concerts, improvisations, and interviews... We went to Italy, filmed the Master classes in Zurich, and became regulars in the church of Saint-Eustache during concerts. The adventure continued apace, according to the time, means and energy at our disposal… until 1 January 2009. The materials thus gathered should allow us to produce a series of four DVDs.
This independent form of production — the lack of funds was rapidly compensated by the cooperation of friendly technicians and the support of all persons involved in the project – gave us the freedom to work at our own speed, with no strings attached, and with great pleasure.
Jean-Claude Bénézech invested his extensive know-how, his professionalism and his meticulous care to present the subtle architecture of Jean Guillou’s musical expression to the public. I contributed the inquisitive perspective of a novice on the world of the organ. Putting myself in the spectator’s place, be he neophyte or music specialist, I attempted to render my emotions and transmit my growing fascination with the work of a Maestro, a significant and multi-faceted contemporary musician, composer and organist with a wide range of Presences.
Tomasz Cichawa

Notes on ...
Jean-Claude Bénézech: Sound engineer. Between 1993 and 2008 he was Technical Director of the Société de Graphisme et Production Sonore. He  produced over 45 CDs of classical music for the 3D classics label, and recorded 20 CDs of classical music for the PHILIPS label at Universal.
Sound and recordings for the Studio SM and BMG labels.
Sound and recordings of concerts for Radio France Musique and Radio Classique.
Tomasz Cichawa: Cinematographer and director, graduate of the Film School in Lodz (Poland). Author of images of full-length and short fiction films, documentaries, corporate films, audiovisual programs; theatre lighting specialist. Lecturer in film and audiovisual schools and training institutions. (-> personal site)

Photo: Christian Berthier